Month: September, 2014


You asked for the truth
and I don’t think that’s what
you’re hoping to hear
but I’ll tell it anyway.

It’s true–
living is so profoundly
and death probably isn’t much easier
but we’re alive, for now
and we’ll die someday
and everyone else will, too
and truthfully I couldn’t tell you whether
I’m in love with you or not
or even what love feels like
but I don’t care.
If this isn’t it, then I’d die happy
having never loved at all
because I don’t ever want to feel anything
except for the way I feel
right now.

If that’s not love
it’s goddamn close enough.


Of course I’m headed someplace
aren’t we all?

I hope I never get there
because, well

then what would I do?


I love like rainfall
in a parched ugly desert
sporadic, unpredictable and
Rivers roar through
my scarred features

they soak my soul
and it brings me to life.

Of course,  the rain can’t last forever–
I know that it must end
and it will.
Sunlight will return, soon, searing
it’ll burn me back to dust
and the rain will have dried up
and nobody will suspect
there’d ever been life here
at all

but not yet.
I’ve still time.

Prompt: Police officer must deliver bad news to a family, can only speak in rhyme

“Good evening sir, I’m Deputy Barron. I’ve come bearing bad news–that much is apparent. But before I begin, I must take some time to describe my affliction: I speak only in rhyme.

I’ve lifelong been sickened, so very much stricken by this rare condition–no chance of remission. I beg be forgiven as you sit and listen, for what I must tell you will make your cheeks glisten.

Please glance at this photo, for I simply must know. Is the little boy pictured your son, Billy Joe?

In that event, sir, I do deeply regret–he took a hard fall from the schoolyard swing-set. An ambulance drove right up onto the green, and EMTs pronounced him dead on the scene.

I don’t often do this thanks to my affliction–I’m typically found in our station’s kitchen–but when the need be, and there’s no other way, I can’t dodge my duty, no matter the day.

So with that, my friend, I’ll be on my way. My welcome is something I won’t overstay. Through these hard weeks, I pray you fare well. The department will reach out with details to tell.”