Month: August, 2018

Apologies Without Apologies

How many times how many
ways can I say
I can’t do it
how much more emphatically should I have insisted
and I never meant to hurt you
I really didn’t
but I guess that doesn’t mean I didn’t do it
does it.

Alleviative Measures, Primarily Liquor

I guess then I’m going to
drink until I can’t stand or
at least drink until I
can’t stand it anymore
or more likely both
and then I’ll get there
and then I’ll get there again and
again and again and
I’ll have gotten somewhere and then
I won’t really remember where so
why not do it again maybe
next time I’ll remember where
it was I got to last time or
next time or whenever I guess
when doesn’t matter much I think
I’m gonna go ahead and
have another

I think I might even write a poem about it.