Dustin DeVilliers, 27, regrettably has no accolades to rattle off when introducing himself; otherwise he would assuredly exploit this opportunity to do so. Dustin won’t call himself a writer—writers don’t do that—but if he’s feeling especially pretentious, he might type up his own ‘About’ section in the third-person.

Happily for him, Dustin is for the most part significantly less miserable than his poetry probably makes him seem. When he isn’t busy making poor decisions, he can generally be found reaping the consequences of poor decisions already decided. In his leisure time, Dustin plays guitar—a pastime he enjoys tremendously though not one at which he is particularly skilled. Sometimes, much to the displeasure of anyone within earshot, he’ll also sing.

If you prefer your rambling miscellany disseminated in 140 280 characters or less, follow Dustin on Twitter: @DustinDeVillier