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The Good People

There are lots of good people
out there.
Just ask the next one you see
and he’ll tell you himself:
“I’m a good person.”
Be careful, though
because not everyone’s a good one
and the bad ones—
they’ll lie
and they’ll tell you that they’re good,
but the worst ones—
the worst ones—
they’ll think they’re telling the truth.

The Devil’s Question

The devil, at last, spoke
and he asked me:

“Are you disappointed,
now realizing my nature?
Are you lost, knowing
that you and I
are one
and that you cannot defeat me
any more than you might
defeat yourself?
Where, then, is your purpose?
For what, now, shall you live?”

And silence was my only answer
and the devil smiled wide
and he vanished.

Of Shadows and Trees

Sometimes I think back
to when I was a kid
and I firmly believed
evil hid between the trees
and behind every shadow
waiting to drag me screaming
to wherever evil lived.
But way back then
evil was pretty rare
and good appeared to be
nearly everywhere
so I took comfort in that
and I solemnly chose
to avoid the shadows and the trees
in favor of company and light.
But when I grew older
I ventured out between the trees
and I found no evil there
just branches and leaves.
I lit up the shadows
as I became bolder
but there was no evil there
It turns out that evil
makes no effort
to hide from me
at all.
It smiles at me
and laughs with me
and I call it my friend.
It lives like I do
and looks like I do
and speaks like I do
The monsters were never monsters
they were human beings.
They never lived in the shadows
or the trees.
The monsters all along
were plain to see.
I often find myself
among the shadows
and between the trees
hiding from the evil
that lives
in light
and company.