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Suits With Shotguns

They kicked in the front
door they broke in the
windows they were waiting
out back they were
waiting out back where
you fled out back and
it wasn’t a pistol in
your hand but they
thought it was they’re just doing
their jobs of course who could
fault them for that and
they got you six
times double aught
buck you didn’t go
quietly turns out your
aunt came down and wasn’t
sure since there wasn’t
much left to go on with
much certainty but a DNA
match off a comb and
they matched it and
she didn’t cry but
she did raise you from four years
old and she
did put a bullet in
her head
it was a sad story
and I can’t tell it worth
a fuck.

Prompt: Police officer must deliver bad news to a family, can only speak in rhyme

“Good evening sir, I’m Deputy Barron. I’ve come bearing bad news–that much is apparent. But before I begin, I must take some time to describe my affliction: I speak only in rhyme.

I’ve lifelong been sickened, so very much stricken by this rare condition–no chance of remission. I beg be forgiven as you sit and listen, for what I must tell you will make your cheeks glisten.

Please glance at this photo, for I simply must know. Is the little boy pictured your son, Billy Joe?

In that event, sir, I do deeply regret–he took a hard fall from the schoolyard swing-set. An ambulance drove right up onto the green, and EMTs pronounced him dead on the scene.

I don’t often do this thanks to my affliction–I’m typically found in our station’s kitchen–but when the need be, and there’s no other way, I can’t dodge my duty, no matter the day.

So with that, my friend, I’ll be on my way. My welcome is something I won’t overstay. Through these hard weeks, I pray you fare well. The department will reach out with details to tell.”