At Least It Isn’t Contagious

it starts it stops
comes on comes off
comes and goes
ebbs and flows and
haven’t we been here before?
but no you said you’ve never
been here before but haven’t we
always been here won’t we always
be here I’m cracking up I think
I’m losing it I do it now but once
I didn’t do it but once I did it too and
someday I won’t do it and I will
do it again and that’s how it
goes isn’t it isn’t it all these
things in my head I can’t communicate
I try I do try but it’s a pale imitation of
that furious deafening roar it’s a wonder I can
hear anything else at all it’s a wonder my
head doesn’t just up and explode already
sometimes I wish it finally would
think I read that one somewhere that’s life right
am I right I am aren’t I but anyway it’s
nice seeing you glad to
meet you I hope we
never speak again I would
strike you from my memory if
I could and everyone else too I’ll
move far away where I don’t
know anyone I’ll shut the lights
black the windows bar the
door with two by fours I’ll forget
all the people I used to know and
all the things they said and
all the things I said and I’ll
dissolve into an
apocalyptic isolation
cease to be

but I never do it do I
I wake up and I go to work
I have no idea how
guess that’s progress.