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Dustin Contemplates The Stars, You

you poke holes in the night sky with your
eyes and the light comes through
you poke holes in my soul and that’s how the
light comes through
you contain within your starcrossed self at least
the entire universe

I am not capable of interstellar travel

all I have are words.

An Approximation

All poets are liars—
it’s never as bad or as beautiful
it’s always better and worse than
the verses which
describe it

and this is worth wasting
words on
approximating, failing, worth it
you are worth it
in my bleak brain these
oblique sentiments actually pass for
it’s the best I can do
and I hammer them into words as
water might be nailed to wood
and I hope it’s enough
I hope

because it’s never as bad or as beautiful
but in this case the words
are so much less