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If It Isn’t Asking Too Much (It’s Always Too Much)

what a pretty prison I’ve built around myself
what a fortress

blow it to pieces.

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where upon this shore will we wash up
kill my loneliness and I’ll kill yours
there we’ll be til we tire and finally retire
and wake and wake and wake and there
we’ll be upon the shore
shipwrecked stranded on a highly populous island
stare if you’d like
aspirants alpha and omega
sign your name in his book and we’ll
wake up on the shore with
things to say
I was born in love
it was everything else that did it.

A Friendless Narcissus

Friendly plans made among friends
to engage in activities which
characterize and largely
comprise friendship—
we’ll get a beer next time I’m in town
next time you come around
like the old days
like the not good but better than these days, days
past by—
plans made without any real intent
desire, or expectation on either end
of follow-through.

It happens a number of times
here and there, over the course of
a couple of years
and that’s how you wake up one
morning clear and brisk

But you’ve always enjoyed your
own company, enjoyed it more than just
about anyone else’s
so solitude most of the time isn’t any
sort of burden
and it’s often very much your preference
though you don’t resent people in any general sense,
you rather actually tend to like them,
you just like yourself
just a little bit
and therefore in the end, yourself is
all you get
and you’re the only reason why.

Self-criticism, in verse.

A Smart Man

I’ll concede that this poem is likely
little more than an
exercise in arrogance
but I’d call myself
a fairly smart man
and I’ve been so told for
a long time
and I’ve been told, too
about the great things I’d do and be
because I’m a smart man.
Well, I haven’t seen much of that
in spite of their best standardized predictors
and I guess I must’ve been
a bit of a
when I ended up being a little
less smart
than they’d insisted I was
but I have myself discovered one aspect
of intelligence
that nobody ever told me about
so don’t let anyone tell you
that these things come
without cost.
I’ll admit, I might be wrong
but I doubt it—
see, I’ve found that there’s just one guarantee
with intelligence
and that guarantee is that
it’s pretty

The Ocean

I feel I can relate
to the ocean and its ways;
after all, they say
we know more about what
goes on
on the moon
that we do about
the workings of the deepest
of the ocean.

I guess what I’m trying to say is
that I don’t really know what I’m trying
to say, and that all I really know
is that I don’t really know
all that much
at all
but all that’s okay,
I guess.