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What We Can

We all do what
we can.
We all do
what we can
just what we can
just as well as we can.
Even the devil’s
doing no worse
than the very best
he can.

I Do Wish

I wish I had held myself together.
I wish I’d done better,
done more, been better.
Wished I could try,
now wishing I had.
Sure wish I’d spent less time
trying to wish away the bad.
I might’ve been something
had I been anything
to begin with,
but if there’s a God
his concerns are more
than I am.
He didn’t stack chips
upon any
of my plans
and I don’t blame him—
he’d have lost them.
I wouldn’t have placed
that bet
God doesn’t, can’t help those
who help themselves
to repeated glasses of
bourbon and gin
and out from open windows, shout
slurred shouts, swearing skyward, said

“Well, goddamn! I never once wished for this!”

The Mind A Temple

It’s long been said how
the body is a temple
and maybe, in a metaphorical sense,
there’s truth to that
but the mind is not.

With all of his terrible strength,
Samson would be unable
to collapse the mind into itself
and no amount of fury or hellfire
could level it, either.
The mind isn’t bound by physical restraints;
physical means threaten it
no more than they threaten God himself.

The mind, friends,
is infinite
and it will endure.


The Devil’s Question

The devil, at last, spoke
and he asked me:

“Are you disappointed,
now realizing my nature?
Are you lost, knowing
that you and I
are one
and that you cannot defeat me
any more than you might
defeat yourself?
Where, then, is your purpose?
For what, now, shall you live?”

And silence was my only answer
and the devil smiled wide
and he vanished.